Lately I'm extremely obsessed with Disney's FROZEN! The kids in me homeschool group are even putting on a Frozen play! 


In me opinion, ELSA is one of the greatest charecters ever.

ME: *goes to see Frozen for the first time*
        *see's Elsa*
        *reaches throught movie theatre tv screen*
        *grabs Elsa*
EVERYONE IN THEATRE: "Stop her! She's ruining our movie!"

ME: "What do you mean, 'our movie'?! It's my movie now! ALL MINE!!!
         *evil grin, complete with evil laugh*

ELSA: *defends us with her super epic ice powers*

             we run out of the theatre, and up a snowy mountain
             Elsa gives my snow powers and amazing white hair.
             We sing "Let it Go" and build a ice castle!
             We become BFFs!!!!!!!!!!
             AND I GET TO MEET KRISTOFF!!!!! <3

Sorry, got a little excited there. :)

The past is in the past! 


I, Celia 'O' Legend, hear by declare Queen Elsa of Arenndelle, part of me amazing family of fictional charecters! (And Kristoff too, don't forget KRISTOFF!)

Celia 'O' Legend 
Crazy person
Lip gloss eater
Charecter lover 

She is also SUPER fun to draw! Try it.... I dare you....

Oh, you know those pictures your going to draw of Elsa? (Hint hint!) go ahead and post them of your blog! I would love to see them, leave a link to the post in the comments. 


And, of course, Kristoff. ;)

Celia 'O' Legend


Those days

Those days.
Those days when you just feel,

You wake up late.
You look out your window to depressing drizzle of rain outside.
Breakfast doesn't taste very good.
Your siblings seem to be even more annoying than usual.

You try do something fun in hopes of turning your day around.

You watch a fun movie.
The movie is awesome. 
But afterwards your left feeling lazy and even more blah.

You draw, that's always fun! Right?
But whatever you try to draw, no matter how hard you try, 
You always mess up.
Your picture will never turn out right.

The only songs in your head are the ones you hate.

Fun doesn't work on those days.

Nothing works.

You still feel completely and utterly bleh.

And you can't do anything about it.

Cause it's just one of those days.


But there is tomorrow.

Those days.

Those days of the unknown.
The unknown has no blah feelings.
Only YAY feeling!

Tomorrow will be full of YAY!

But without the blah days, there can be no YAY days.


Those days. 


One picture

                                                    "Please, just one picture."


                                                               "Why not?"




                                             "Pretty please with a cherry on top?"

                                                    "I don't even like cherries."

                                                   "What about olives on top?"

                                                       "The answer's still no."


                                                               "I said no!"

   He calmly set his camera down with a sigh. He was almost to the point of giving up. They had the    
                    same tiring conversation every day. Always the same tiring answer. No.

                   "Just let me take one picture of you. I promise, after that I'll never ask again."

               She bit lower lip nervously. He had noticed that she had been acting strangely lately.  

                   "What if I lost you, and didn't have anything to for me to remember you by?"

                                         "Remember me in your brain, camera face."

She turned away from him and began walking quickly down the hall. He couldn't keep it in any longer. 

                                                        "What if you ran away?"

She stopped walking and stood there with her back facing him like he had frozen her solid. The only  
                                       thing to be heard was the beating of her heart.

                                                        "Wh-why would I do that?"

                                                     Her voice was shaking terribly.

                                  "I've known you forever. You've always wanted to escape."

                                                                "That's not true."

                                                                      "Yes it is."

                                                                    "No it's not!"

                                                               "You know it's true."

                                                              "I wouldn't run away."

                                     She wasn't fooling him. He could see right throughout her.

                                                         "What if you got the chance?"

                                                      "What's that supposed to mean?"

                                                              "It means stop lying."

                                                                       "I'm not..."

"Yes, you are. It means that any day now the perfect chance to escape will come. And you'll be ready. I've been in your room. You've packed your backpack. As soon as the chance comes you'll take it and be gone. What if that chance came tomorrow? You would leave. Your ready. But the thing is..."

                                                             He took a deep breath.

                                                                 "I'm not ready."

                                 She still stood there, still frozen. She was trembling slightly.

                                                         "Just one picture. Please."

                                              She nodded and turned around to face him.
                                        A click of the lens and a flash of light and it was over.


                              The next day he woke up to find a sticky note in his hand. It read:

                                                                 The chance came

                                                       One picture covered the world. 
                                                       On the picture were four words.

                                               HAVE YOU SEEN HER?

                                                                    One picture.
                                                     The one he had taken from her.
                                                                   She was gone.

Thanks for reading! :)


The sleep


                                                                   She sleeps. 

                                 Her small chest rising and falling with a steady rhythm of life.
                                            Her soft blonde hair strewn over the pillow.
                     Someone has pulled a blanket over her, protecting her from the cold night air.

                                      She sleeps without the tragedy she calls her life. 

Now the morning sun is finding it's way through the cracks in the curtains, and falling across her face.
Her eyes stay closed. She remains in that peaceful state, drinking up the last moments of sleep and  
                                  sunlight, before she awakes and returns to her life of fear.

                                     A siren in the street below her interrupts the sleep.

                                                           Her eyes flutter open.

                          The memory comes flooding in like the sunlight throughout the curtains. 
                   Instead of waking up out of the dead of sleep, she wakes out of life, and into death.
                                            Her eyes shine with the memory of horrors.
                                                       Her eyes shine with despair.
                                                         Her eyes shine with fear.
                                                        Her eyes shine with tears.

                                                             The sleep is over.
Thanks for reading! 


Happy Easter!

How could you have Easter without Huger Games eggs? 


Happy Easter! 

In the storm

OHHHHHHHHH! SO HAPPY! I did this picture meself. :) 


Think. Eat. Write. Read's blog party!

Over at Think. Eat. Write. Read they're having a blog party! Go check it out!

Here are the questions:

1. What do you like most about my blog?
Hard question! I like the design, the writing, everything. :)

2. What are some tips/advice I could use to help improve my blog?
Nothing! Your blog is amazing!

3. What is your favorite flower? (because, you know, it's spring.)
Ugg! I don't like flowers! But I guess it would be a rose, cause that's my middle name. 

First post!

Hey! Welcome to me space 'O' CRAZINESS!!!!
Me name is Celia.
You will notice that I like to write using 'me' instead of 'my'. That's cause I was in a pirate play. :) 

Thanks, Rose, for my amazing design!


Sorry, I'm just sooooooooooo excited!
So yeah, not really sure what to do for my first post...
Well anyways, I'm looking forward to making my blog AWESOME!
Feel gezellighied and hang out for a while!