Let it go

I love this version of Let it Go!
so beautiful!

important. please read if participating in C.C.C.WC

for all of you who are in the C.C.C.WC,
most of you are very behind in your chapters.
I was wondering if you would like me to...
keep on posting rules for chapters every week. and you will catch up, and by the end of the challenge, have posted all of your chapters.
have me post all the rules for all the chapters all at once. and you will write your story, and have it posted by the end of the challenge.
it would be great if all of your would comment saying witch one you prefer. the one with the most votes I will do.
I am also moving the end date of the challenge. it was going in be the end of Aug, but that is too soon. now it will go until the end of September.

liebster award

^picture made by me. photo via pinterest.
feel free to use as long as you give me credit.
Thanks so much, Kat, for awarding me the Liebster Award!
yay! this is going to be fun! I love awards (even though I have be doing a lot of them lately).
feel free to use me award pic, as long as you say that I made it, and have a link to me blog. thanks! :)
- Post eleven facts about yourself
- Answer the eleven questions provided by the person who nominated you
- Create an eleven question set for the next group of nominees
- Choose eleven people to nominate and link them in this post     
- Let your nominees know they've been tagged- and no tag-backs!
me facts:
1. I'm bad at thinking up facts about meself, so these may be kind of random.
2. right now I'm listing to "LOUD" by R5.
3. where I live it is raining right now.
4. I just realized that the last fact wasn't about me.
5. I almost always eat cereal for breakfast.
6. a couple of times people have called me cereal.
7. I'm currently reading "The Son of Neptune" by Rick Riordan.
8. I'm on a clogging team called "The Little River Cloggers.
9. today I'm going to a clogging practice.
10. I have a cat named Prilla.
11. I like facts.
Kat's questions:
1.Which string instrument is your favourite?
I kind of play the violin, so I guess that would be me favorite.
2.If you could only do one thing for a day, what would it be?
be happy! yeah, kind of boring. I just don't really know, so I would like to be perfectly happy!
3.Horse or car?
car? I don't really travel anywhere on horses. :/ I never ever ride horses!
4.What's your favourite Gods? (e.g Geek, Norse, ect.)
ooooooh! I'm really into Percy Jackson, so I really like this question. me favorite God is Apollo the sun God. in the Percy Jackson books he is such an awesome character.
5.Where is your favourite holiday spot?
I don't know. sorry...
6.What is your favourite city? (doesn't matter if you haven't been there)
I've always wanted to go to New York City!
7.Who would you rather be, Elizabeth Bennet or Jane Bennet? (Pride and Prejudice)
I've never read that book, so I have no clue who those people are.
8.How many siblings do you have and who are they?
I have two sisters, Elly and Audrey. They are both younger than me.
9.If anyone you knew would start blogging, who would you want it to be?
me Bestest Friendsie, Hudson. I guess it would be cool cause I've never seen a guy's blog before. :)
10.If you could be either, which would you be, homeschooled or go to school. (doesn't matter if you are educated the way you want best)
I don't know, the both have pro and cons. I think it might be cool to try going to school, just because I've never, ever, gone to a school.
11.Are you homeschooled or do you go to school?
I'm homeschooled.
I nominate:
me questions:
1. favorite song at the moment?
2. rainy days or sunny days?
3. favorite sport?
4. what is the reason for your blog name? (how did you come up with the name, and why is it your name).
5. favorite guy character?
6. favorite girl character?
7. favorite color (at the moment) ?
8. what is your favorite dessert?
9. if you could have one character be real, and you guys where BFFs, witch character would you pick, and why?
10. what are you doing right now?
11. witch of these questions was your favorite?



sunshine award

^picture made my me. photo via pinterest.
feel free to use as long as you give me credit.
thanks so much, Kat, for awarding me!
Thank the person who nominated you.
Answer the questions the person who nominated you asked.
Nominate some other bloggers (11 being standard.)
Question the people you nominated.
Tell them that you nominated them.
Put the award picture on your blog (if you so desire).
Kat's questions:
1)if you could live in any country, where would you live?
England! that would be so cool!
2)What's your favourite author/s?
J. K. Rowling is the best! i also like Susan Collins and Rick Riordan. and i love reading other blogger's writing.
3)If you could master any three instruments, what would they be?
drums, guitar, and flute. (i don't know how to play any of them at all)
4)Donuts or Finger Buns?
i have no clue what "Finger Buns" are, so donuts!
5)What's your favourite place to eat out?
i don't know... i really don't know...
6)What religion are you?
right now, i don't really know. I'm open to different ideas. i have some ideas that i believe in, but i would say i have a set religion.
7)Bracelets or necklaces?
bracelets! i don't really wear much jewelry though.
8)If you could only have one, what would it be, most popular blog or the blog with the best writing?
popular blog.
9)DIY or writing?
10)Favourite all time movie?
ahhhhh! that's too hard! i love the Harry Potter movies, The Lego Movie, The Lion King, Frozen, and many others! i can't pick just one. sorry :)
11)What's the farthest you have been from home?
i used to live in California, but i moved far away. i guess California would be the farthest I've been from where i live now.

I nominate:
me questions:
1. favorite quote?
2. did you eat playdough when you were little?
3. why did you start blogging?
4. favorite song at the moment?
6. if you could have 13 people over for dinner, who would you invite? (you can invite anyone, even if they are fictional, live far away, or they are famous.)
7. favorite kind of doughnut (really random question)
8. favorite character that you've created?
9. some things you enjoy doing?
10. dogs or cats? (i prefer cats :)
11. what is your moment like right now?



button swap?

hey peoples!
would anyone like to do a button swap?
you can view me button swaps at the bottom of me blog



fav song right now.
 its is sooooooo

like, something super cool

I really like doing random post about what I've been into!
I think I should call them something though.
like, something super cool!
I don't know.
any ideas?
that's it!
I'll call them
"like, something super cool"
what do you think?
yeah, its really random, but that's kind of the point.

now I shall share awesome picture, and other things I love right now!

so yeah...
^this is so accurate!
I'll see teenagers and I'll be like,
ug! teenagers are so weird!
and then I'm like,
oh. I am a teenager, and me a lot of me friends are teenagers.
speaking of sharks...
that is so freaky!
just imagine it though...
one day your swimming peacefully in the pool.
 you feel a huge ripple go though the water.
you go down to the bottom of the pool, but there is no longer a bottom.
you get the feeling that something is under you.
you look down in the huge amount of water under you, going down for miles.
a huge dark shape it down there.
its coming your way...
ok, I'll stop there!
yeah, that's pretty scary!
now for some cute things!!!
cute wittle bunny!
this. is too. cute!
I have two pet Holland Lop bunnies and I'm going to breed them this year!!!
I hope I get a white baby little this one!
^this part is so cute!
best couple ever!

me mum likes Harry and Hermione together better, but I think the way it is perfect! :)

I LOVE her videos!
I've been it her lately :)

The Lego movie was AWESOME!
if you haven't seen it, you totally should. it is so funny!
"everything is awesome....
everything is cool when your part of a team...
everything is awesome....
when your living the dream..."

Ross and Pixie.
need I say more...
(both of them!)
cutest pillow ever.
yeah, this post has a lot of pictures in it.
oh well.
and to top it all off,
next time I'll try to make this kind of post more organized!
(all photos via pinterest)


 ^took some random pictures of me dwarf hamster, Sporos.
he is tiny! I measured him, and when he's three inches long, and when you hold him he you can barely feel him in your hand, he is so light!
he is super crazy and feisty though! he is also very strong. he climbs the walls (and celling) of his cage like a little gymnast! :D
 ^sporos saying hi to the camera!

beautiful blog award

"that's what makes you beautiful!"
^picture made by me. photo via pinterest.
^I made the picture. feel free you use it as long as you give me the credit.
thanks so much Rachel for awarding me!
Rachel's questions:
1. Are you a Loki or Captain America fangirl?


2. If you could have any animation for the rest of your life, who or what would you choose?
(Like Minions, Buzz, Dory, etc.)
umm, I don't know. I guess anyone from frozen.


3. Your thoughts on Prince George? I think he's ridiculously adorable! His cheeks are another story. o.o
he's cute! :)


4. Favorite time era for Hollywood? (Because I can't resist, mine's the 1960's!)
I really have no idea

5. Have you ever tried any DIYs? If so, what was it?
yep, I've done DIYs before. I can't remember what they were though.

6. What inspires you most?
music is the thing that inspires me most. I always listen to music when blogging, writing, drawing, ect.
me BFF Hannah also inspires me so much! I love talking to her about writing. when I do, I get so inspired to write more! :)

7. Favorite song at the moment?
"LOUD" by R5!
I wuv that song SO MUCH! I've been listening to it non stop recently. like right now, that's what I'm listening too! I can listen to it for hours. its AWESOME!

8. What's one instrument you really want to learn how to play?
I sort of play the violin, and  I used to play the piano and the guitar. I think it would be really cool to know how to play the drums!

9. Are you excited for school to start up? If so, why?
not at all!
I'm homeschooled, but that doesn't really make it that much better. and since I'm going into high school it makes it even worse! :(

10. Favorite sport to watch/play?

I love to play volleyball!!! right now the season just started for me. I'm on a developmental team right now, but we still have a couple games! I'm going to work really hard this year so next year I can make it onto JV.

11. One place you want to visit?

I would love to go to England!  I've never been there, but I have some family members who live there! there is so many cool places you could go there!

12. Favorite perfume?

13. Do you like stars or clouds better?
stars! :)

me questions:

1. do you have any pets?
2. favorite quote?
3. book your currently reading?
4. favorite song at the moment?
5. biggest pet peeve?
6. what color is your room?
7. favorite thing about blogging?
8. favorite bloggers?
9. are you more like Anna or Elsa?
10. have you seen The Lego Movie?
11. favorite picture (can be of anything)
12. nighttime or daytime?
13. zodiac sign?

sorry if me questions are a little boreing, I thought them up very quickly. :)

I nominate:


the beautiful blog award!