new design coming

yes, I know I just changed me blog.
but I want to make it more simple.
I'll be closing down me blog for a little while, while I change the design.
(I will also be changing the name too!)


frapp & mac

 ^pumpkin macaroons.

^caramel frappuccino. 


killer whale. a six word story

i love them.
they scare me.
^photo via pinterest.
^killer whales are huge, beautiful, and scary! i had a horrible dream last night that i was in that ocean with one, and it was terrifying. they are so scary. i love them!
if you've never seen the movie "Black Fish", please watch it. it's about killer whales in Sea World, and how horrible they're lives are there. 



^Elly and I at Starbucks after a volleyball game. 


audrey & elsa

this is so cool.
look at the mouths.
in this picture me sis Audrey looks like Elsa!

last ashville post

^most photos taken by me. some taken by me family members.

ashville. yummy food

that pancake was the best thing I have ever eaten!

ashville. horseback riding

^most of these pictures are mine. some are not.
^my horse was named Rebel.
I love you Rebel.