beautiful blog award

"that's what makes you beautiful!"
^picture made by me. photo via pinterest.
^I made the picture. feel free you use it as long as you give me the credit.
thanks so much Rachel for awarding me!
Rachel's questions:
1. Are you a Loki or Captain America fangirl?


2. If you could have any animation for the rest of your life, who or what would you choose?
(Like Minions, Buzz, Dory, etc.)
umm, I don't know. I guess anyone from frozen.


3. Your thoughts on Prince George? I think he's ridiculously adorable! His cheeks are another story. o.o
he's cute! :)


4. Favorite time era for Hollywood? (Because I can't resist, mine's the 1960's!)
I really have no idea

5. Have you ever tried any DIYs? If so, what was it?
yep, I've done DIYs before. I can't remember what they were though.

6. What inspires you most?
music is the thing that inspires me most. I always listen to music when blogging, writing, drawing, ect.
me BFF Hannah also inspires me so much! I love talking to her about writing. when I do, I get so inspired to write more! :)

7. Favorite song at the moment?
"LOUD" by R5!
I wuv that song SO MUCH! I've been listening to it non stop recently. like right now, that's what I'm listening too! I can listen to it for hours. its AWESOME!

8. What's one instrument you really want to learn how to play?
I sort of play the violin, and  I used to play the piano and the guitar. I think it would be really cool to know how to play the drums!

9. Are you excited for school to start up? If so, why?
not at all!
I'm homeschooled, but that doesn't really make it that much better. and since I'm going into high school it makes it even worse! :(

10. Favorite sport to watch/play?

I love to play volleyball!!! right now the season just started for me. I'm on a developmental team right now, but we still have a couple games! I'm going to work really hard this year so next year I can make it onto JV.

11. One place you want to visit?

I would love to go to England!  I've never been there, but I have some family members who live there! there is so many cool places you could go there!

12. Favorite perfume?

13. Do you like stars or clouds better?
stars! :)

me questions:

1. do you have any pets?
2. favorite quote?
3. book your currently reading?
4. favorite song at the moment?
5. biggest pet peeve?
6. what color is your room?
7. favorite thing about blogging?
8. favorite bloggers?
9. are you more like Anna or Elsa?
10. have you seen The Lego Movie?
11. favorite picture (can be of anything)
12. nighttime or daytime?
13. zodiac sign?

sorry if me questions are a little boreing, I thought them up very quickly. :)

I nominate:


the beautiful blog award!


  1. Replies
    1. I also love the picture you made! It looks shmancy.

    2. thanks! :)
      and thanks for awarding me!

  2. Thanks for awarding me, Celia!
    Where are your questions for me to fill out...?