c.c.c.wc rest of the prompts

I'm so sorry!
I haven't post any writing prompts for C.C.C.WC in forever!
most of the people in the challenge voted to have all the prompts posted a one time,
so here they are!
(they a will also be on the C.C.C.WC page)
oh, and please remember to comment on the C.C.C.WC page when you post a chapter on your blog.
AND leave a link to the post.
(and you no longer have to include at the pictures about the prompts in the post.)
here are the prompts!
CHAPTER 7                                               CHAPTER 8                                              CHAPTER 9
stuck in something                         base a chapter on a song                  a world of (your favorite color)
CHAPTER 10                                              CHAPTER11                                           CHAPTER 12
have a character fall in love        create a brand, and use it in the chapter        use the word pisan zapra
CHAPTER 13                                              CHAPTER 14                                          CHAPTER 15
have your main character                 something physical. running,                one of your characters       
commit a crime,                             a sport, fighting, climbing, ect.               has a fear that they have
but they don't regret it,                                                                                 never told anyone.
or feel bad about it.
CHAPTER 16                                              CHAPTER 17                                          CHAPTER 18 
some sort of power.                                   a false sense a security                             someone who was
magical, or not magical.                                                                                            a friend, turns out
                                                                                                                                   to be an enemy.
CHAPTER 19                                               CHAPTER 20                                        CHAPTER 21
find something cool.                                     something unexpected                     have a funny moment.
CHAPTER 22                                                CHAPTER 23                                       CHAPTER 24
a character dies.                                                big realization.                                 someone famous.
there will be 30 chapters .
chapters 25-30 you just write,
without prompts.

the challenge will end at the end of the year.
-have fun-

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  1. Here is my Chapter 6! I'm just finishing Chapter 7, so it'll be done today! :)