c.c.c.wc introducing Neo

ok, so I was think maybe, you guys in the c.c.c.wc might need some excitement to get you writing!
so what I'm going to do is introduce a new character to welcome into your stories!
how this works;
*you all have to include him in your story.*
*he can enter the story the story at any time.*
*he can be as big a character, or as small a character as you want him to be.*
*you can create a personality for him, and he can be however you want him to be.*
^photo via Pinterest.
age: 11
(Neo means "new")
[-stealing characters will not be tolerated.
-Character (Neo) belongs to Celia Boldizar.
will be allowed to use character (Neo) in only their stories
may not use Neo in any other pieces of writing.
- if I (Celia Boldizar) find Neo has been used in a way not
satisfactory, I will let you know so you can fix it.]

(Neo will also be located on the c.c.c.wc page)
have any questions ?
feel free to ask!


  1. Hello, Celia! I really want to get back to doing this challenge, and I will, don't worry. ♥

    1. Awesome! I can't wait to read your story! :)