i feel like doing a post

i just feel like blogging! just for fun!!! so get ready for randomness! (this might be kind of long)
I'm so excited about how C.C.C.WC is going! i only read the first two chapters of you guy's story, but then i was kind of getting confused with what was going on in everyone's stories. so I'm going to save them and read them one at a time at the end of the challenge. I can't wait to read them!!! the parts that i did read were AMAZING! I'm so glad that this challenge is going well, thanks so much to everyone participating! you guys rock!
this summer has been awesome! (its not over, but still) i got to go to some super fun camps!
 Runner's Camps was AWESOME! i was a camp staff, but it was still just as fun as being a camper. i got be with 8 year old girls (so cute!) one week and with 10 year old girls (they were awesome!) the other week. it was a blast! in my 10 year old group our team name was "Lettuce" and our cheer was "Lettuce go!".
 at the end of the week all the youth staff get to go in a dunk tank and the kids dunk us. it is soooooo scary! you sit above a tank of water and the kids throw balls at that button and when they hit the button you fall into the water. it is extremely suspenseful cause sometimes the kids hit the button, but they don't hit hard enough, so you think your going to fall into the water, but you don't and the seats just moves a little! its weird cause the tanks has bars around it.
 its like "Let's trap the nice staff members behind bars and laugh at their terrified faces as we dunk them, but they will not know when they will fall into cold dirty water that other people what already been in!"
it is so fun though, i went in it 4 times this year!

^ the 8 year olds LOVE to ride on me back. they are always asking for a ride, and they hate it when i forget that it was their turn. so I made a list on me arm! they loved to check the list! ;)

me favorite camp was theatre camp!
we did "The Lion King" and I got the play Nala! IT WAS SO FUN!!!
the decorations in the back we called Jungle Prom! we all loved Jungle Prom very dearly *sniff* but alas, in the end we had to tear him down. :(
but yeah, theatre camp was AMAZING!!!

^Anna and I on pride rock.

^Ben and I. (Ben was Simba).
we got to tease our hair really big so it would be like a lion's main! :)

^random though.
Rydel Lynch and Evanna Lynch look so alike!
another random though.
ya know when there is something super obvious but you don't realize it?
lately there has been stuff that i haven't realized, but then when i did i was like "DUH!"
how chick-fil-a's mascot is a cow because the cow want people to eat chicken so they don't eat them! I did not realize that until about a month ago! i just though that the cows were the mascots cause cows are cool, and the motto is "Eat more chicken" cuase they are selling chicken.
this one is bad.
it was about 15 minutes until The Lion king play began. i was talking backstage with some of the other cast members. and then i realized something.
yeah, i know right! i just never really thought about it!
then i was like "Oh me gosh, i just realized that Simba is the lion king!!!"
and everyone was like "SERIOUSLY! are you kidding! how did you not realize that! really!?!"
yeah, that was funny! :D
i also didn't even remember that me sister's room is painted blue, even though its been blue for many, many months! i thought it was still pink!
and one time...
i was in the shower. i had lots of soap on me hands and i wanted to get it off. i was trying to rise it off, but it wasn't coming off quickly.
then i had a brilliant idea!
what if i washed it off with soap!
yep yep yep... lots of craziness!
^i love this picture! :D
you know caprisuns? ya know how you can't see the inside of the pouch, right?
i always loved how the inside of a caprisun pouch is such a mysterious place. how you never knew what it looked like inside. such a dark place of the delicious unknown. i loved it.
now their making the pouches with CLEAR BOTTOMS!!!
when i saw what it looked like in there, it was one of the worst realizations ever. *sniff* goodbye mysterious caprisun pouches. now the next generation will miss out on their childhood!!! so sad...
good news though, i now have my own catchphrase!
i was at me friendsie's house and he had a book on his desk. i opened the book to a random page and burst out the first thing i saw.
"But it's my cookie!"
^i got the idea from this "NO!" JIMMY PROTESTED!
i also desined me mom and sister's blogs! me very first blog designs! (im not starting up a buissness, i just did them for fun!) I'm still a beginner, but i hope to get better in the future! :)
^me little sis's blog

^me mom's blog.
wow! this has been a fun (long) post! i think i'll do these kind of posts more often!
~(._.)~ ~(._.)~ ~(._.)~
^i wuv these guys!
Oh! did you guys notice me little Pinterest thingey on me side bar? i made it myself!
with the help of Eve's tutorial, thanks so much Eve!


  1. Wow! Sounds awesome. I love the Lion King.
    (Almost) Completely Mad

  2. Oooh, the Lion King! Awesome! Also, I love all of those Austin and Ally gifs. :) LOL!

    xoxo Morning