movie tag

and now for the movie tag! thank so much Bethan for tagging me! your amazing! <3
What is your favourite movie of all time?
AHHH! that is so hard! i can't pick!

What is your favourite scene from that movie?
sorry, again this question is impossible. :)
Who are your favourite actors and actresses?
actors: Cameron Boyce, Ross Lynch, Calum Worthy, Josh Hutcherson, and Rupert Grint.
actresses: Emma Watson, Laura Marano, Skai Jackson, Abigail Breslin, and Jennifer Lawrence.
Who do you think is the best director?
all the directors from the Harry Potter movies.
What is your favourite guilty pleasure film?
i don't know...
What is your favourite tear jerker?
i don't really cry during movies. oh! there was this one movie the was really sad but i can't remember what its called!!! it has Abigail Breslin in it and the tile is something about gifts...
What is a movie you love but everyone hates?

most people like the movies i like

Favourite movie duo?
Timon and Pumba!

What is your favourite animated film?
like you said Bethan, all Disney!!!

 Favourite actor/actress crush?

If you could keep only one movie, what would it be?
i don't know, most of the movies i watch i don't own.

You are about to die but could watch one more movie. What would it be?
The Lion King cause it just came in the mail from Netflix and i REALLY cant wait to watch it again!

What is the first movie you remember watching in the cinema?
my memory is kind of like yours Bethan! i was really little, like three i think. i went to the movie theatre to see "Piglet's Big Movie" (like i said, i was tiny) it was the first time i ever went to the movie theatre. the movie was SUPER loud (and I'm scared of loud noises) it was terrifying!!! one of the scariest times of me life. i didn't have to watch the whole movie though (thank goodness!). but yeah, it was terrible. after that i didn't go to the movie theatre for over 5 years!

*i tag*
YAY! that was FUN!
~(._.)~ ~(._.)~ ~(._.)~


  1. That looks like a fun tag :) Great post! :D <3

  2. That looks fun! This is a great post!

  3. I nominated you for the liebster award! The link to my post about the liebster award is below!