31DBC #2 and some thoughts on books

#2 Favorite quote(s)

I wuv this one! I agree. Today I had a very interesting conversation with my sister. She said that when you read you don't experience what's happening in the book, you just, well, read words on pages. But I disagree. Like the quote says, when you read, you enter the life of the book. You feel what the charecter is feeling, and experience what is happening in the story. 

Here's another good quote about reading

This one (below) is from me beloved Harry Potter, by Dumbledore.

This means reading as well. The story is happening inside your head, but that don't have to mean it's not real. 
It's like when people say, "They're just a fictional charecter, they're not alive!"
That. Hurts.
They ARE alive. They may not walk the earth, but they are real to us who read. Alive inside our hearts.

Ok, the end about books. Back to the quotes. :)

One time I was taking pictures of me bestest friendsie, Hudson, and he said this adorable qoute:

Nargles are from Harry Potter and they don't exsist. Meaning the are fake even in the HP world. :)

And to end this post, I give you a quote be moi!
So me friendsies and I were eating Mac and Cheese at a birthday party, and me friend's mom was having Mac and cheese with out cheese. And I said in a perfectly serious and normal, non kidding way...

              "You can't have Mac without cheese, cause then it's just a MacBook Air!"
 While doing this post I had an for a
new post series! It's called "Thoughts"
I pick a topic and share my thoughts 
about it. 

What do you think?
Any ideas?
Feel free to share ideas! :)



  1. I loved the Harry Potter quote! I think it's time to read that series again...... :)

  2. Lovely post :) Also, I edited and added a few things to my Story Within A Picture story, so yeah. If you need to read it again or something, go have a looksey :)


    1. Ok, just retread it. THATS AMAZING!!! Thanks so much for doing me challenge!

    2. That's fine - also, something happened to my original Creative Thursday post and it was deleted. I was wondering if you could post your comment again so that I could properly reply and stuff :) You don't have to, but I was just wondering. So yh :)


    3. Do you mean the comment that I did on your blog about how I liked your story?

  3. Omg, this just explains everything!! That's why I love reading, you just enter into a new world.