crazy. crazy. crazy. writing challenge

greetings lovely peoples!
ok, so I had this amazing idea!
it's a summer writing challenge!
here's the deal;
  • the challenge will start on June 2.
  • it will go through all of June, July, and August.
whoever would like to do the challenge will comment at the bottom of this post.
put the challenge button (side bar) on your side bar.

  • start with nothing.
  • absolutely nothing.
  • for the first post I will include a picture. you have to use that picture to start your story.
  • don't make up a idea for your whole story, just start with the picture.
  • at the beginning of every week of the challenge I will do a post.
the post might include:
a picture
a word
a name of a character
a character's personality
a plot twist
or anything! the rule is you have to include it in your story.
  • then throughout the week, YOU will write a chapter of your story. you have to include the plot twist in the post for that week's chapter! (your chapters can be as long or short as you want them to be.)
  •  post the chapter on your blog.
  • leave a comment on me page called. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. Writing Challenge. in the comment, include the chapter number, and a link to your chapter on your blog.
I will post everyone's progress on the page about the challenge.
by the end of the challenge, everyone will have written a story!
and, the story will be totally unexpected! cause you will be making it up as you go along!
on Sep. 1, I will announce the winner!
(there is no prize, sorry.)
I know, sounds fun right!
any questions?
I cant wait!
 this'll be fun!!!


  1. This sounds so fun! I will definitely be doing this :)
    Do I need to put the button on my sidebar now or when the writing contest starts on June 2nd??


    1. Yay! AWSOME, I can't wait!
      You can put the button up now if you'd like, that way maybe some other people will see it and join the challenge. :)

  2. Yay!!! So exited! I'm totally going to do this it sounds so much fun!!!!! :D

  3. That's a great idea! I will totally be doing it :)
    -Anna <3

  4. I am totally going to do this! I was actually thinking about doing a blog party/writing contest thing for when I have 30 follower.(right now I have 29)
    I'm so excited for your writing challenge! Amazing!

  5. I'm definitely doing this!

  6. I'll do this! Sounds awesome! :D

  7. Yes! Sounds wonderful. And your blog is great.
    I'll enter, I'll post the link here when it's ready.
    Tane ♥

  8. I know I'm a tad bit too late but can I join??

    1. Sure! So far we've only gotten up to chapter 4, and I'm planning on posting chapter 5 hopefully sometime this week. :)

    2. Alright then, count me in!