The liebster award, yay!

Me amazing bestest friendsie, Anna (Banana and Bear) has nominated me with the Liebster Award! 
Thanks so much Anna! <3 ya!

*insert One Direction music here* 
~(._.)~ ~(._.)~ ~(._.)~ 

(As you might be able to tell, I really enjoy awards, so fun!)


1. Thank the blogger that nominated you.
2. Nominate a few of you favorite bloggers and let them know on their blog.
3. The Liebster award button must be in the post.
4. You must answer a list of 11 questions that the blogger who nominated you have written.
5. at the end of the post you must write 11 questions for the bloggers you have nominated.

Anna's questions for me..

1. Who is your favorite fictional character?
*screams* don't do this to me! Hermione cause I feel like I AM her, and everyone says I look like her. :)

2.  What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?  
Probably donating me hair to "Locks of Love" twice. It's really cool to think that two people in this world are wearing me hair! 

3. Would you rather go a year without salty things or a year without sweet things?  (maw ha ha I'm evil ;)
REALLY ANNA! That is NO FAIR! You know that I couldn't go without those! LOL, jk! :) But really, WHY! Um, let me think.... I'd go a year without sweet things!

*Anna and Elly gasp*

Well, if you think about it, lots of foods are salty! 

4. What languages do you know?
I don't really know any other languages, but I'm learning French. I've kind of fallen off track with it though, I really get to start working on it more often. ;)

5. Would you rather paint or dance?
:( I like both! I guess dance.

6. The color yellow or the color green?
Aaaaaa! Hard questions! Both!

7. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
That's a hard question, id say I'm an extrovert...

8. Favorite book series?
The Harry Potter Series, they are AMAZING! I also love the Hunger Games, and the Percy Jackson series, but HP is totally me fav! 

9. Are you a dare-devil or a more cautious person?
I'd say I'm a daredevil!

10.  Dogs or Cats?
Totally cats! Dogs are, well, ok... I just would never, ever, want a dog. I <3 cats! (Even thought I'm allergic to cats) :)

11. What is your favorite band/song artist?

Whew! Some of those questions were SUPER hard! And fun! :)

Me questions for you: 

1. Most resent dream?
2. Favorite color of converse?
3. Craziest thing you've done?
4. Most embarrassing moment?
5. A food the makes you gag? 
6. Favorite band?
7. Favorite member of One Direction? (Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, or Liam Payne)
8. Team Peeta or Team Gale?
9. Favorite funny quote?
10. Name one character that you've created 
11. If you could travel anywhere and do anything there, where would you go, and what would you do? 

Yay! That was fun!


  1. Hiiiii,

    I'm pretty new to Blogger [okay, I've been here for a year, but that's nothing compare to you pros ;) ] and I've been seeing the Liebster Award a lot but I have NO CLUE what it is or how you receive it or how you're nominated or ANYTHING. Could you (or, if someone else wants to, that'd be fine) explain to me about the Liebster Award? Thanksssss! :)

    1. The Liebster award is an award the a blogger awards another blogger. It pretty much is a bunch of questions someone has asked you and you answer them, then you "nominate" other blogs. Meaning that you ask then question. To get nominate someone who like your blog will get the awards, and they will chose to ask you the questions. It's really fun!

  2. Yes, Anna and Elly do *gasp*! HOW COULD YOU GO A YEAR WITHOUT SUGAR!!!!!
    *head explodes from wondering about this unthinkable thing*.
    Ok my head is fine now ;)
    Thanks for doing the questions! :) :) :)
    -Anna <3

  3. Thank you so much Celia!!! :) :)

  4. Aww thank you Celia for nominating me!! :)