Story Within a picture #2

wow, this is late, again!
 I had five people participate this time! YAY! great job to everyone who did it, your stories were breathtaking! :)
I'm going to be stopping "Story Within a Picture" for the summer because I'm going to be have me Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. Writing Challenge! but I'll start "Story Within a Picture back up in the fall. I would LOVE it if you would join me summer challenge, it's going to be tons of fun!
ok, the person who's story I'm going to feature today is... *drum-roll*
<great job!
here's her story...

It took all he had not to throw his guitar against his wall. He sunk against his bed post, hands restlessly going through his hair. All the rage and emotion from the last few days poured out of him, his soul tearing apart until he was gasping for breath. He wasn't sobbing, but he wasn't far from it, either.
You saw the guitar, and you saw the smile, but you didn't see past that. You didn't see the words that had been shout in anger, the type you regret long after they are born, or the punches, or the bruises. You didn't see anything past the show, and you didn't want to, either.
And a show he'd give you, alright. Snatching a nearby notepad and pencil worn down to practically a stub, he began to write, pouring the turmoil inside into the paper. All of his heart leaked out until there was nothing left, except the occasional drip drop. It was a free show.
wow! isn't that incredible!?
the other stories are awesome too, check them out:
so yeah, no picture this time. :( but if you need more writing inspiration/fun join me writing challenge!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my story! I had a lot of fun writing it and reading everybody else's, too. XD

    1. Your welcome! Your stories is awesome!!! :)