photo dump


I haven't post me photos in a long time.
so I present to you,
me dear little photos.
they have been waiting so patiently.

the last one is one of me favorites! ;)
wich one is your favorite?


  1. Awesome post! My favorite would have to be the girl with the sunglasses. :)


  2. Awesome photos! :) I can't decide which is my fav but I like the one with Elenna in the sunglasses! All of them are so awsome! Oh, and how did you do the B and W with darker lips thing on the pic of me?! ;)

  3. Great Photos! Gotta love how I always have some crazy expression on my face when you snap a photo :P LOL ;)
    My favorite would have to be the one of Nash and I or the one of Elenna in the sunglasses B) lol ;)
    Eden, Elenna, Megan, Abigail, Lauren, and Audrey are all so cute ;)