^I wuv this part in Frozen, LOL!

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! For me, it's officially SUMMER! NO MORE SCHOOL!!! (Even though I'm homeschooled) 

~(._.)~ ~(._.)~ ~(._.)~
*jumps in pool*

This summer is going to be totally awesome! This year I get to tons of camps! (Well, not tons)

I'm going to volleyball camp (CANT WAIT)

Science in the Summer camp (this year it's going to be about chemistry! That'll be fun! Though I keep calling it potions! :D

THEATRE CAMP!!! Oh. Me. Gosh! I can't wait for theatre camp! I've never been it it before. This year their going to put on The Lion King. And I'm going to learn all about the backstage stuff as well as onstage! 

And RUNNER CAMP!!! Just, wow, I love this camp! It's a track and field camp started by a guy from me old church. A long time ago (before I came) it's was really small, only about 40 kids. But last year there was 700 kids between both weeks! 
It's super fun! We run, do field events, play water games, and at the end of each day we sing songs and play Gorilla Man Gun! And at the end of the week we have a big track meet!

^me bestest friendsie, Hannah, doing the high jump. :)

Now I'm too old to be a camper at Runners Camp (it goes up to age 12, and I'm 14) so now I'm a youth vollenteer! YAY! Tomorrow is the meeting where I get me job for camp. *crosses fingers* I hope I get a good job! I'm going to be going to both weeks, so I hope I'm not stuck with a bunch of whiny kids! :)

Me friends and I are also going to have fundraisers at my neighborhood pool to raise money for different charities.
One of the charities I really care about that we're going to do is Triangle Down Syndrome Network, charity for kids with Down syndrome. I can't wait to raise money for them. <3
I can't wait for to read what people write for me summer reading challenge! 

So yeah, me summer will be filled lots of fun and swimming! 
What are your plans for the summer?

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  1. I love the olaf picture! I go around singing that song all the time, mostly that line. Lol. Luv your blog!
    In Christ,