Crazy, weird, awkward, moments in me life lately....

+ your parents breaking into the neighborhood clubhouse to get some snacks. Then later, me friend, (Hudson), our little sisters, and I coming back in the get some soda. Then after we drink diet mt. Dew, we feel terrible, followed by an ever-lasting sugar rush!

+ your family gets a new washing machine. I literally watched three whole cycles! Meaning I lay on the counter next to it and watched it spin around for three hours straight. (Yes, I know, I can be wieird sometimes). But it was actually really fun! I was able to think clearly, and it was very calming. And afterwards, I got some great ideas for me book! 

+ having a completely serious conversation with your friend (Anna) about her buying a pet unicorn. Now that is fun!

+ meeting two of your neighbors who you've never met before at the neighborhood pool. Then, finding out the you and the lady were born in the same hospital! in California! Witch is where I was born, but now I live in North Carolina. That was really weird...

+ having a dream about going to Sonic. And the guy at the window is Zayn! 

+ sleeping in late and waking up to your neighbor (Hudson, again), ringing your door bell wondering if you can come outside and play. Then I have to go downstairs and answer the door in me pjs, and still extremely sleepy! 

+ telling your parent's friends that your earliest memory is your birth, and haveing them look at you like your a lying fool, and you need to be put in a mental hospital. 

So yeah. Crazy things.

(It is true though, I remember me birth! It was hard to breath, cause when I was first born the cord-thingy got wrapped around me throat! And their people, huge people rushing around me. And I was screaming, duh. And everyone was yelling, I guess cause they were worried the I was going to choke to death!)


  1. Well, I DO have a pet unicorn, so there ;)
    Glad you didn't choke to death, that would be awful. :(
    Funny crazy weird awesome things! :) :) :)
    -Anna <3

    1. I know, I didn't say you didn't! Lol, jk! :)
      IKR! what if I did! *everyone gasps*